Introductory training on Systematic Review

The systematic review method is gaining wide traction in the fields of social science and international development. The method is championed by international agencies such the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the World Bank. Considerable funding has been made available to trained reviewers by DFID, AusAid and 3ie over the past three years. A systematic review (SR) synthesizes and summarizes the best available evidence on a specific research question. The SR method originated in the field of medicine and since then has where a need arose to systematically bring together the available evidence. LIRNEasia has received funding from IDRC, Canada to conduct four systematic reviews. As a first step in this project, LIRNEasia conducted its first introductory course on systematic reviews from 18-20 October 2013. The training was conducted by Hilary Thomson, PhD.

The course content is given below.

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