2007: Papers presented

December 15, 2007

Session 2: Governance of ICT and ICT for Governance

Session 3: IDRC’s PICTURE project – Fred Muhumuza, PhD

Session 4: Data and methods for research on ICTs

Session 5: National and regional innovation systems

Session 6: Regulation

Conference dinner speech: Open Source – The Innovation Enabler – Sanjiva Weerawarana, PhD

December 16, 2007

Session 7: Participation in ICTs

Session 8: Content and Convergence

Session 10: Problems and prospects of regulation in the context of democratic governance systems in the Asia Pacific
  • Regulation in the context of democratic governance systems: Spectrum management policy and regulations in India and Philippines – Rekha Jain,PhD
  • The Converged Regulator in the Digital Age: The National Communications Commission in Taiwan – Yu-li Liu, PhD

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