Conference Papers: CPRSouth 2016, Zanzibar

Session 3

Impact of WRC-15 outcomes on Sub-Saharan Africa – Kabahuma

A system dynamics model for pricing converged telco services – Walubengo

Session 4

Smart policies for smart cities: How institutional arrangements matter – Junio

Potential of the BharaNet for rural connectivity in India: An organisational survey – Senanayake

Session 6

Factors affecting women’s ability to purchase mobile phones in Myanmar – Hurulle

Understanding gender variance in mobile ownership in Myanmar – Perampalam

Factors influencing use of mobile data services among women in Myanmar – Rajapakse

Taking the microscope to ICT gender gaps in Africa – Khan

Session 7

Delivering just-in-time educational aid to help better learning for the school students in developing countries – Zaber

The contribution of five TCPS to Cameroon’s rural secondary education – Siyam

E-government strategy and policy in developing countries – Waema

Session 8

Beyond access: integration of ICTs in people’s lives – Deen-Swarray

Digitised African youth? Assessing access and use by African youth between 2008-2012 – Chair

Empowering Afghan women: Can ICT ensure agency? – Mostafa

Session 10

Pizza to policy: Social media analytics of a pizza and implications for policy-making – Rathore

How tech hubs are helping drive economic growth in Africa – Firestone

Political stability. regulatory environment and MNO’s investment in the African mobile telecom sector – Moshi