2012: Young Scholars Presentations

Young Scholar Seminar Programme – Presentations

Port Louis, Mauritius,

03-04 September 2012

Day 1

Session 1: 08h30-09h45

Policy analysis through supply-side research

Prof Alison Gillwald

Session 2: 09h45 – 11h00

Policy analysis through demand-side research

Dr Christoph Stork

Session 3: 11h30 – 12h45

ICT impact analysis in Latin America

Prof Roxana Barrantes

Session 4: 14h00 – 15h15

SA Broadband and Spectrum Challenges

Dr. Nadia Bulbulia

Session 5:  15h45 – 17h00

Sector and competition regulation convergence

Ms. Payal Malik

 Day 2

Session 6: 08h30-09h45

Identifying, managing and reviewing sources and literature

Prof Leo Van Audenhove

Session 7: 09h45 – 11h00

Mr Colin Blackman

Session 8: 11h30 – 12h45

Presentations preparation and techniques

Dr Sujata Gamage

Session 9: 14h00 – 15h15

From research to policy intervention

Prof Rohan Samarajiva

Session 5:  15h45 – 17h00

Presentation of research projects / PhD proposal and group discussion

Drs Samarajiva, Gamage, Van Audenhove, Barrantes, Gillwald and Stork


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