Best paper selection

The best paper competition was first conducted at CPRsouth3 and has continued since. The selection process approved by the Board is given below:
A total of 7 paper sessions are featured at CPRsouth. The complete papers for each session are reviewed and ranked by the designated moderator and discussant of the respective sessions. The highest ranking paper of each session (hence a total of 7) are short-listed for the competition. The winner is selected through a combination of scores.

The scores and their respective weighting is as follows:
Judges’ content score           40%
Judges’ presentation score    25%
Audience content score         25%
Audience presentation score  10%

Two senior scholars who are not a part of the 1st stage of the short-listing process act as the judges for the 2nd stage of the competition. The judges’ content score was based on the complete paper and the policy brief.

The Audience content and presentation scores were taken from the evaluation forms collected at the end of the sessions.

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