Americo Muchanga

Américo is Managing Director of INCM – National Communications Institute of Mozambique. He has, previously, been the Head of Planning of Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) and Head and Chief of the Department of Systems and Operations of the IT Centre of UEM (CIUEM). He has also coordinated the MEGCIP project (Mozambique E-Government Communication Infrastructure Project) of the Ministry of Transports and Communications and the Ministry of Science and Technology, Higher and Professional Education. During his career, he was also a lecturer of UEM and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), one of the most prestigious universities in Sweden.

Américo Muchanga has a Degree in Electro Technical Engineering, with specialization in Low-Current Networks, by UEM and has a Doctorate Degree in Interdomain Traffic Engineering and Faster Restoration in Optical Networks by KTH in Sweden.

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