2018: Policy-briefs and Slides

Inaugural session: Mozambique’s ICT achievements and challenges

Onkokame Mothobi, Research ICT Africa and Fransisco Mabila, Eduardo Mondlane University

Thematic session: After access

Aileen Aguero (Peru), Helani Galpaya (Sri Lanka), Alison Gillwald (South Africa)
Moderated by Phet Sayo (India/Canada)

Session 3: Barriers to broadband. What can be done?

Moderator: Rohan Samarajiva, Sri Lanka
Discussant: Fola Odufuwa, Nigeria

  • The impact of remote hosting on Internet performance
    Enrico Calandro, South Africa/Italy
    Slides | Policy Brief
  • Drivers of broadband connectivity in Asia-Pacific developing economies
    Siope Vakataki ‘Ofa, Thailand/Tonga
    Slides | Policy Brief 
  • Spectrum pricing in India: roadblock to affordable and quality broadband access
    Rasheda Sultana, Bangladesh
    Slides | Policy Brief
  • How ICT policy and regulation is failing the ‘less connected’ in South Africa
    Indra de Lanerolle, South Africa


Session 4: Digital literacy as the next big challenge

Moderator: Wallace Chigona, South Africa/Malawi
Discussant: Edda Tandi Lwongo, Tanzania

  • Policy initiatives to address non-consensual pornography on the social media platform in Kenya
    Evelyne Wanjiku, Kenya
    Slides | Policy Brief
  • An impact assessment of the digital literacy training programs in India
    Nimish Joseph, India
    Slides | Policy Brief 
  • Digital information literacy of undergraduate students in higher education institution in Malawi: Challenges and policy implications
    Donald Flywell Malanga, South Africa/ Malawi
    Slides | Policy Brief
  • Promoting local content creation through user-centric mobile application design
    Priyanka Chauhan, India
    Slides | Policy Brief

Session 5: Gender at the intersection of other divides

Moderator: Alison Gillwald, South Africa
Discussant (remotely): Nishant Shah, India

  • Can the Internet be the disruptor needed to deal with the intractable problems faced by African youth?
    Chenai Chair, South Africa
    Slides | Policy Brief 
  • Beyond the veil: identifying the underlying factors of digital inequality between men and women
    Mariamma Deen Swarray, South Africa
    Slides | Policy Brief
  • Policy initiatives to enhance the contribution of mobile internet for women’s capabilities in the rural areas of Tanzania
    Edda Tandi Lowga, Tanzania
    Slides | Policy Brief

Session 6: What comes after access: hate, harassment and manipulation?

Moderator: Tracy Cohen, South Africa
Discussant: Pirongrong Ramasoota, Thailand

  • Controlling hate speech on social media: approaches, implications and recommendations
    Yudhanjaya Wijeratne, Sri Lanka
    Slides | Policy Brief
  • Exploring digital fake news phenomenon in Indonesia
    Riri Kusumarani, South Korea/ Indonesia
    Slides | Policy Brief 
  • Online behaviour in Myanmar: User behaviours on privacy and Security
    Helani Galpaya, Sri Lanka
    Slides | Policy Brief 
  • Policy initiatives to address the problems faced by Internet & social media users in relation to online harassment in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Cambodia
    Tharaka Amarasinghe, Sri Lanka
    Slides | Policy Brief

Session 7: Platforms, livelihoods, and consumer benefits

Moderator: Helani Galpaya, Sri Lanka
Discussant: Payal Malik, India

  • Bundling in platform markets in the presence of data advantage
    Gaurav Jakhu, India
    Slides | Policy Brief
  • Antitrust Issues of E-commerce
    Khusbu Kumari, India
    Slides | Policy Brief
  • The economics of multi-sided platforms: implications for competition policy
    Saatvick, India
    Slides | Policy Brief
  • Addressing the unemployment challenge through mobile digital microwork
    Pitso Tsibolane, South Africa
    Slides | Policy Brief 

Session 8: Cyber policy: Scanning the horizon from the Global South

Moderator: Sriganesh Lokanathan, Sri Lanka
Discussant: Tracy Cohen, South Africa

  • Artificial Humanity: Counteracting the Threat of Bot Networks on Social Media
    Yudhanjaya Wijeratne, Sri Lanka
    Slides | Policy Brief
  • Developing cyber Policy in the Asia Pacific: A case study of judicial Intervention of supreme court in Nepal
    Babu Ram Aryal, Nepal
    Slides | Policy Brief
  • Promoting cyber security through stronger collaboration in Africa
    Anri van der Spuy, South Africa
    Slides | Policy Brief

Session 9: Are ICTs contributing to financial inclusion?

Moderator: Lishan Adam, South Africa/Ethiopia
Discussant: Supriya Singh, Australia

  • Connecting financial inclusion and ICTs to women’s empowerment
    Supriya Singh, Australia/India
    Slides | Policy Brief
  • ICTs in Agricultural Practices: Hopes, utopias and contradictions
    Abhigya, India
    Slides | Policy Brief
  • Technology sans Accountability: Payment delivery systems in the Indian context
    Sakina Dhorajiwala, India
    Slides | Policy Brief
  • Mobile Money and financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan countries
    Onkokame Mothobi, South Africa
    Slides | Policy Brief

Session 10: E-government and “smart” cities

Moderator: Erwin Alampay, Philippines
Discussant: Lishan Adam, South Africa/Ethiopia

  • Advancing Open Data for Open Governance in Asia
    Michael P. Canares, Philippines
    Slides | Policy Brief
  • Mobile Pictographs for Disaster Communication in support of Inclusive Public Services
    Nuwan Waidyanatha, China/Sri Lanka
    Slides | Policy Brief
  • Policy Recommendation for the Implementation of “One Data” policy at the sub-national level in Indonesia. A case study in the City Government of Pontianak, West Kalimantan
    Arthur Glenn Maail, Indonesia
    Slides | Policy Brief
  • Towards an Interoperability e-Government Framework for Uganda
    Silas Ngabirano, Uganda
    Slides | Policy Brief

Session 11:  Presentation of certificates and awards; discussion of topics for the next conference 

Rohan Samarajiva