Session 6: Platforms and their potential

Moderator: Wallace Chigona | Discussant: Phet Sayo

Understanding the factors influencing the take-off of online freelancing in Sri Lanka

Suthaharan Perampalam, Helani Galpaya, Laleema Senanayake

slides | paper | policy-brief

  • Increase awareness
    • Campaigns Featuring successful freelancers
    • Showcase flexible working hours a positive
  • Increase skills
    • Digital skills
    • Freelancing skills
  • Create knowledge sharing peer network
    • Freelancer meet up
    • Incubation and co-sharing spaces
  • Create local demand for freelancers
    • Local firm use platforms to put jobs – Government work

Exploring the challenges faced by Sri Lankan workers in web based digital labor platforms

Helani Galpaya, Laleema Senanayake, Suthaharan Perampalam

slides | paper | policy-brief

  • Platform enforced rules (e.g. maximum number of revisions buyer can demand etc.)
  • Workers rate the buyer based on responsiveness
  • Awareness programs
  • Regular meet ups, networking events
  • Increase “sticky” jobs listed on platforms
  • Internet packages with guaranteed upload speed

Usability and Acceptability of the Sahana Situational-Awareness Platform in Myanmar, Maldives, and the Philippines

Nuwan Waidyanatha, Biplov Bhandari, Lutz Frommberger

slides | paper | policy-brief

  • Establish a CAP Working Group establish alert authoring policies and procedures that harmonize across all agencies and their divisions
  • Introduce a national training and certification regime to foster uniformity and scalability.

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