Session 8: ICTs to achieve broader public-policy objectives

Moderator: Jean Paul Simon | Discussant: Christoph Stork

Leveraging big data to support measurement of the Sustainable Development Goals

Thavisha Perera-Gomez, Sriganesh Lokanathan

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  • Explore public-private partnerships
    • The current data ecosystem may need to be expanded to include other entities that produce/generate data outside the traditional system
    • Measuring one indicator may require the use of multiple data sources, both traditional and non-traditional
  • Leverage Insights derived from big data to support decisions around resource allocation
    • Insights from big data could be viewed more as providing a sense of directionality as opposed to stand-alone measures.

Predicting population-level socio-economic characteristics using Call Detail Records (CDRs) in Sri Lanka

Aparna Surendra, Sriganesh Lokanathan, Thavisha Perera-Gomez

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  • Provide additional data: that is not available at GN-level, incl.: numbers of resettled or displaced persons, computer literacy.
  • Provide more granular data: Census-block level data may reduce errors in mapping method

Improving disease outbreak forecasting models for efficient targeting of Public Health Resources

Lasantha Fernando, Sriganesh Lokanathan, Amal Shehan Perera, Azhar Ghouse, Hasitha Tissera

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Understanding complex social network of government officials in decision making

Moinul Zaber, Dipankar Chaki, A.T.M Shakil Ahamed

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Discussant Comments

Christoph Stork

The discussant presentation was considered very useful by all participants. Chairman Rohan Samarajiva featured the comments on the LIRNEasia blog.

Discussant slideset available here.

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