Session 1: Evidence for effective policy-making and regulation

Moderator:  Krishna Oolun | Discussant: Monica Kerretts-Makau

Analysis instead of summation: Why indices are not enough for ICT policy and regulation.

Steve Esselaar, Alison Gillwald, Christoph Stork

slides | paper | policy-brief

Measuring disbursement efficacy of Universal Service Funds: Case studies from India, Malaysia, Pakistan & Sri Lanka.

Rohan Samarajiva, Gayani Hurulle

slides | paper | policy-brief


  1. Compile ADRs and YDRs for all countries with universal-service programs, or for subsets that have comparative or persuasive value
  2. Develop acceptable and broadly objective accounts of how the funds have been expended
  3. Take remedial actions to improve necessary and sufficient conditions of performance or reduce inflows

Hello from the other side: Have Myanmar’s mobile adoption trends changed over the years?

Gayani Hurulle, Ayesha Zainudeen, Helani Galpaya

slides | paper | policy-brief

Recommendations: Identify scalable and effective models to increase digital skills

Information Communications Technology and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Panel Data Approach.

Haftu Giday

slides | paper | policy-brief


  1. —To achieve critical mass of users,
  2. —Improve affordability and reliability
  3. —Build telecom infrastructure
  4. —Increase local content
  5. —Design services to meet local demand

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