CPRsouth2017 Young Scholar Tutorials Day 1 Session 2

Session two focused on issues that arise in the context of communications policy research.

Helani Galpaya shared experiences from LIRNEasia research that highlighted problematics related to studying “Internet”. Specifics on how the Internet is structured, how it is facilitated, and the business models that bring us the world wide web, create problems related to definition of, access to and use of the Internet. We talked about net neutrality, zero-rating, internet governance and other contentious issues, looking at the pros and cons of particular measures taken by businesses and regulators, and how these affected the industry and users. We also examined possible responses to the research findings, reaching the most important part of our work here, which is understanding how to take research to policy.

Helani’s slideset also includes a list of recommended further reading.

Rohan Samarajiva talked about agriculture research in Sri Lanka, helping students identify the kinds of data that can be used in communications policy research, and sharing examples of how to critically analyze that data. We discussed the importance of comparison andĀ relevantĀ comparison through understanding the context from which the data arises.

Rohan’s second slideset is online here.

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