2008: Papers presented

Friday 5 December  2008

Telecom Operator Strategies

ICT for Inclusion

E government and efficiency of telecom operators

Content and Convergence

Conference Dinner
Policy research in the public interest, Prof William H. Melody, Former Director of LIRNE.NET and World Dialogue on Regulation for Network Economies

Saturday 6 December  2008

Senior Scholars’ Panel:  Envisioning the future and understanding the present

Bringing evidence to the policy process:  A conversation

  • Jonathan Aronson (USA)
  • Grace Mirandilla (Philippines)

Innovations for rural ICT use

EuroCPR, TPRC and CPRsouth dialogue

  • Prabir Neogi – TPRC (Canada)
  • Jean Paul Simon – ECPR (France)
  • Rohan Samarajiva – CPRsouth (Sri Lanka)

Media Training session

Sunday 7 December  2008
Regulation and Competition

Data and methods for research

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