2007 Manila: Papers presented

January 19, 2007

Session 2: Indicators for research and governance

Session 3: Asia-Pacific knowledge networks

Session 4: ICT markets: How effective is competition?

Session 5: Participation in ICTs: Beyond universal access

January 20, 2007

Session 7: Convergence is here, but of what?

Session 8: Regulating in an imperfect world

Session 9: Governance of ICT and ICT for governance

  • The Government Information Center (GIC) – Helani Galpaya PRESENTATION

Session 10: What goes through the tubes

January 21, 2007

Session 13: Example of policy relevant research: Comparative research in six Asian countries

  • A Brief Synthesis of the Six-Country Case Studies – Harsha de Silva
  • India case study – Payal Malik
  • Indonesia case study – Divakar Goswami
  • Pakistan case study – Joseph Wilson
  • Sri Lanka case study – Malathy Knight John
  • Thailand case study – Saowalak Cheevasittiyanond

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