Review criteria and template

Paper proposals/abstracts for CPRsouth 2017 will be reviewed according to the following criteria.

CPRsouth expecta a 500-word paper proposal, including a minimum of three and a maximum of five keywords listed in the call for papers. On the basis of abstract/paper proposal selection you will be invited to submit a full paper which will be selected through the process described below for presentation. Include references to prior work.

PAPER PROPOSAL (500 words)

  1. TITLE: Is clear and communicates no more and no less than the content given in the proposal
  2. RESEARCH PROBLEM AND POLICY RELEVANCE The relevance of the proposal to identified decision-makers in the ICT space is explicit
  3. PRINCIPAL RESEARCH QUESTION: Captures the essence of the proposal in no more than 60 words
  4. RESEARCH DESIGN/PAPER CONTENTS: Includes a literature search, analytical framework, method and data sources sections.
  5. RESULTS: Provides a summary of findings or anticipated outcomes
  6. LIST OF REFERENCES/SOURCES: Identifies the key documents.  APA style is used.

FULL PAPER (6,500 words)

Full papers will be sent through a double-blind review process.

The paper will be marked on the criteria below (out of a possible 100 marks)

  1. TITLE: (5 marks) Is clear and communicates no more and no less than the content given in the paper.
  1. PROBLEM STATEMENT/POLICY RELEVANCE: (10 marks) The relevance of the paper to identified decision-makers in the ICT space is explicit.
  1. PRINCIPAL RESEARCH QUESTION: (10 marks) Captures the essence of the paper in no more than 60 words, followed by research sub-questions or break down the research linked to the research plan (or findings if research is complete).
  1. RESEARCH: (total 60 marks) Includes a literature search, conceptual framework, method and data sources sections;
    • LITERATURE REVIEW: Summary of a preliminary literature search indicative of awareness of prior knowledge and a broad understanding of the concepts and facts relevant to the proposed research;
    • THEORETICAL/CONCEPTUAL/ ANALYTICAL FRAMEWORK: Paper is based on a theoretical, conceptual or analytical framework(s) well grounded in literature.
    • METHOD & DATA SOURCES: The method can range from a meta-analysis of the literature, theory building, to a random controlled trial study. If primary sources are to be used the mode of data acquisition is articulated; if secondary sources are used, all are listed;
    • RESULTS, ANALYSIS & DISCUSSION: Results are substantive, presented using tables, figures or other easy to follow means and are adequately discussed.
  2. CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: (10 marks) Substantive conclusions are presented and implications for policy are provided, all based on the research findings.
  3. LIST OF REFERENCES/SOURCES: (5 marks) Identifies the key documents. APA style is used.

Whether or not you proceed to the next stage will be determined by the quality of your paper and whether you submit it by the deadline. You will then be provided with the opportunity/or be required to revise the paper before final submission.

Paper proposal_template_2017