Emmanuel C. Lallana, PhD

Emmanuel Lallana

Emmanuel C. Lallana, PhD is Chief Executive of ideacorp – an independent, non-profit organization focused on the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in governance and education, in business and the economy and in transforming society. His work is focused on ICT policy  development, Human Capital Development (ICT in Education and Training) and Democratic e-Governance, with focus on m-Governance.

At present, Prof. Lallana is the Project Leader of the Pan Asia Network on Democratic eGovernance (PANeGOV).  In this capacity, he developed the Module on ICT for Development (ICTD) Policy, Process and Governance for the UN APCICT’s Academy of ICT Essentials for A ian Leaders in 2008. He has also conducted trainings for government officials in India (Hyderabad), Korea (Incheon) and Afghanistan (Kabul) on ICT Policy making.  Prof. Lallana is also Regional Training Coordinator, Pan Asia Network Localization (PAN L10n) Project (Since April 2007). PAN L10n is a 10-country local language computing initiative that is managed by the National.

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