Payal Malik

Payal Malik  is an Associate Professor of Economics at the Delhi University. She is also associated with National Council of Applied Economic Research, LIRNEasia, and Indicus Analytics. She received her Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.), and MA in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics and BA in Economics is from Lady Shriram College, University of Delhi. She also has a MBA in Finance from the University of Cincinnati.

Her research and professional collaborations have been with OECD, Orbicom, IDEI, University of Toulouse, University Of Québec at Montreal, CEPR, JRC-EU, ICEGEC, Hungary, IPTS, Seville, Spain, TRAI, Ministry of Power, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Planning Commission of India, Competition Commission of India, CSO, India, WSP-SA, World Bank and AFD, Paris.

She has several years of research experience on the issues of competition and regulation in network industries like power, telecommunication and water. In addition, she has done considerable research on the ICT sector. Recently she has been actively engaged in competition policy research.

At LIRNEasia, she has led research on measuring India’s telecom sector and regulatory performance, including a study on Universal Service Instruments. She also leads a sub-component of LIRNEasia’s Mobile 2.0 research project on the issuance of licenses for service provision and frequencies.

She has written both for professional journals as well as for the economic press. Currently she is a regular columnist for the Financial Express, India and a referee for the Information Technologies and International Development journal published by University of Southern California, Annenberg.

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