Koesmarihati Sugondo

Koesmarihati  Sugondo is currently the Special Advisor to the Directorate General of Posts and Telecommunications (DGPT) in current Regulatory issues and the coming Convergence issues. She was a former committee member (Commissioner) with the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority for two terms. During this time she focused on guiding the telecommunications sector from a Monopoly to a competitive market. She was also involved with the formulation of interconnection regulation between the operators.
She was the President and CEO of PT TELEKOMSEL (1995-1998) and the director of development (1993-1995) of TELKOM of Indonesia. Ms Sugondo is an Engineer by training and has received her degree from the University of Tasmania in Hobart, Australia. She received her ASEAN Professional Engineer certificate from AFEO (ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations) in 2003.

Ms. Sugondo has also worked on strengthening the relationship between Indonesia and Australia She has received the “Distinguished International Alumni Award” from University Tasmania for her professional achievement and in promoting friendship between Australia and Indonesia.

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