Philippines’ slow and costly internet puzzle

This article is a repost of my blog which originally appears in Telecom Asia, with their kind permission. Barely a month after the Philippines celebrated—with much pizzazz—the 20th anniversary of its first internet connection, the ASEAN released an infographic showing the country having the slowest average internet speed (3.6 Mbps) in the region. Isn’t Read more

When communication fails during a disaster

This article is a repost of my blog which originally appears in Telecom Asia, with their kind permission. On November 8, the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan), one of the strongest typhoons to make landfall ever recorded in the world’s history. A vast expanse of the provinces on Read more

CPRsouth paper hits top 10 in Journal of PSN: Political Communication (Topic)

Cybercampaigning for 2010: The Use and Effectiveness of Websites and Social Networking Sites as Campaign Platforms for the 2010 Philippine Presidential Election authored by Grace Mirandilla was announced as one of the top 10 Papers for Journal of PSN: Political Communication (Topic). Grace Mirandilla, who is a regular participant of CPRsouth conferences , Read more

2009: Papers presented

7 December 2009 Reform and regulation Interconnection Benchmarking in Namibia, Christoph Stork (South Africa/Germany) Presentation Policy Brief Fragmenting the Governance of Telecommunications Sector in China: Implications to China’s WTO Accession and Compliance, Shaohua Ma (Singapore/China) Presentation Policy Brief , Asoka Balasooriya (Australia/Sri Lanka) Presentation Policy Brief ICT Policy: The Big Picture Telecommunication Adoption and Economic Read more

2008: Papers presented

Friday 5 December  2008 Telecom Operator Strategies Strategy for Telecom Operators to get maximum benefit from fiber deployment and NGNs – Kashif Azim Janjua (Pakistan) – PresentationPolicy Brief Procurement Management Optimization based on Life-cycle-cost Analysis for Telecom Companies – Xiaoli Zhu (China) & Xiuqing Huang (China) – Presentation Policy Brief Brazil Telecom –  Read more

2007: Papers presented

December 15, 2007 Session 2: Governance of ICT and ICT for Governance Taking e-Gov to the bottom of the pyramid now: Dial-a-gov? – Helani Galpaya and Rohan Samarajiva, PhD – PRESENTATION PNP TEXT 2920 SERVICE: A communication perspective on M-Government in Philippine context – Cristina M Signo, Mike Dela Rosa, Villy Ath Buenaventura, Read more

Policy Process: Best way in?

Bringing Evidence to the Policy Process: A Conversation

The following is based on a session held at CPRsouth3.

This session is an open discussion between two ICT policy enthusiasts who have distinct experiences and involvement in the policy process—one being a seasoned academic from a developed country who saw how telecommunications and ICT evolved from the 1980s and is directly involved in policymaking and formal discussions in the international arena, and the other an early career researcher from a developing country who, working from outside the academe and government, participates in the policy process through informal channels and public forums where she contributes her research findings and builds her network.

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