CPRsouth2018: Conference Agenda


Communication Policy Research South (CPRsouth) Conference 2018

Maputo, Mozambique, September 3-5, 2018

National governments nor development practitioners, scholars and donors have not seen information and communication technologies (ICT) as ends in themselves.  They have been seen as means to achieve development objectives such as elimination of extreme poverty, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, and employment. Now that a majority of the World’s population has access to voice communication, attention has shifted to what people use ICT for beyond talking on the phone and the barriers that preclude them from making full use of the potential of ICT.  This is why “After Access” is the theme of the 2018 conference.

After Access (AA) is also a major initiative funded by IDRC and partners, which is being implemented by DIRSI in Latin America, by LIRNEasia in South and Southeast Asia and by RIA in Africa.  Nationwide sample surveys which adhere to a common methodology address critical questions of public policy relevant to the promotion and regulation of ICTs and their use in various “verticals” such as finance and commerce in the developing world.  Not all the presentations neatly fit into the themes covered by AA, but we engagement with the AA research as a central element of the conference.


Day 1

1330-1430 1. Inaugural session: Mozambique’s ICT achievements and challenges Moderator:  Alison Gillwald

INCM and MZ govt

1430-1500 Break  
1500-1600 2. Thematic session: After access Aileen Aguero, Helani Galpaya, Alison Gillwald
1730-1830 Flexible time for media interactions  
1600-1730 3. Barriers to broadband. What can be done?

  • Enrico Calandro, S Africa/Italy
  • Siope Vakataki ‘Ofa, Thailand/Tonga
  • Rasheda Sultana, Bangladesh
  • Indra de Lanerolle, S Africa

Rohan Samarajiva



Fola Odufuwa


1900- Welcome dinner, preceded by speech Media invited

Day 2

0830-1000 4. What comes after access: hate, harassment and manipulation?

  • Yudhanjaya Wijeratne , Sri Lanka
  • Riri Kusumarani, S Korea/ Indonesia
  • Gayani Hurulle, Sri Lanka
  • Tharaka Amarasinghe, Sri Lanka

Pirongrong Ramasoota



1000-1030 Break  
1030-1200 5. Digital literacy as the next big challenge

  • Evelyne Wanjiku , Kenya
  • Nimish Joseph , India
  • Donald Flywell Malanga , South Africa/ Malawi
  • Priyanka Chauhan, India

Wallace Chigona

1200-1330 6. Gender at the intersection of other divides

  • Chenai Chair, South Africa
  • Mariamma Deen Swarray, South Africa
  • Edda Tandi Lowga, Tanzania
  • Nishant Shah, India

Alison Gillwald

1330-1430 Lunch
1430- Free time for participants / Board Meeting +

Day 3

0830-1000 7. Platforms, livelihoods, and consumer benefits 

  • Gaurav Jakhu, India
  • Khusbu Kumari, India
  • Saatvick, India
  • Jean-Paul Van Belle, South Africa

Helani Galpaya



Payal Malik

1000-1030 Break  
1030-1200 8.  Are ICTs contributing to financial inclusion?

  • Supriya Singh, Australia/India
  • Abhigya, India
  • Sakina Dhorajiwala,India
  • Onkokame Mothobi, S. Africa

Supriya Singh

1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1410 9. E government and “smart” cities (3 papers) 

  • Michael P. Canares, Philippines
  • Nuwan Waidyanatha, China/Sri Lanka
  • Arthur Glenn Maail, Indonesia
  • Silas Ngabirano, Uganda

Erwin Alampay, Philippines

1410-1520 10. Cyber policy: Scanning the horizon from the Global South (3 papers)

  • Yudhanjaya Wijeratne, Sri Lanka
  • Babu Ram Aryal, Nepal
  • Anri van der Spuy, South Africa

Sriganesh Lokanathan, Sri Lanka



Tracy Cohen, South Africa

1520-1600 Break & group photograph
1600-1730 10. Presentation of certificates and awards; discussion of topics for next conference TBC

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