What a Country Should Not Do (A Case Study of Bangladesh)

Faheem Hussain, a paper presenter at CPRsouth6 presented at the 40th TPRC conference which was held at Washington DC. His paper was on License renewal in Bangladesh (License Renewal of Mobile Phone Services: What a Country Should Not Do (A Case Study of Bangladesh))

Rohan Samarajiva, PhD, LIRNEasia Chair and CEO and CPRsouth board member made a blog post:

Sitting at a session in TPRC40 listening to LIRNEasia Research Fellow Faheem Hussain presentingĀ his paper. Impressed that this kind of study, analyzing an issue that is not of great relevance to US telecom policy scholars, is accommodated at TPRC. The challenge, of course, is to pull back from the temptation to give too much detail on the exotica of a particular developing country and to present the abstract high level findings that may be of interest to a broader audience.

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