Ibrahim writes on Jakarta post

Ibrahim Kholilul Rohman, who was a young scholar at CPRsouth4 and a participated at CPRsouth5 as a paper presenter,  wrote on The Jakarta Post today on his views on the Blackbeery services and how Indonesia government reacts to it.

A polemic centering on the see-saw battle between the Communications and Information Technology Ministry and Research in Motion (RIM) which provides the BlackBerry services in Indonesia has stayed on course for a couple of weeks.

Not only reasons of pornography and security (which are becoming trendy topics) but economic motives are also playing an important role underpinning this debate. This aspect should not be seeping out to the public at large.

Many studies have for a long time investigated the need for obtaining a certain critical mass of the penetration rate to reap benefits of telecommunication development.

For the full article: here

At CPRsouth5 he presented his research and policy recommendations on Who does enjoy the ICT development? An investigation on the role of ICT development in Asian countries using a dynamic panel data model.  Policy Brief. (Click on the links to access the paper and policy brief respectively)

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